Citizen Feedback

The Government of Meghalaya (GoM) considers it a prime activity of public administration to reach out to the citizens to address their grievances. With a vision to bring in a paradigm shift in the system of public grievances redressal, GoM wishes to develop a mechanism for citizens to register their grievances with the State and for efficient redressal of those grievances from the concerned Government department. Any citizen from anywhere in the State can use this system to seek redressal for his/her concerns related to wide range of government services and administrative provisions.

A citizen can register his grievance by using any of the following modes:

  • Written Request: Submitting his/her Written Grievance application on paper at any of the DIPR offices located across the state
  • Online Interface: Submitting the grievance application online using the web interface of the new Grievance Redressal System.
  • Calling Toll-Free Helpline: Citizen can also call a toll-free Grievance Redressal helpline to register his/her grievance with the department.
  • Grievance filed by email - Citizens can email their grievances directly to the Public Grievance Officer(s) on a dedicated email id. This mail inbox will be monitored on a daily basis.
  • SMS - If citizens provide their mobile number while registering their grievance application, they can get an acknowledgment via SMS containing the Unique Registration Number of their Grievance. They can also check the status of their Grievance request by sending an SMS query containing the Unique Application number.

Grievance information flow is a two way communication for the citizens where the citizen is logging grievances and also receiving information on status of the action taken on the grievances from the departments.