The Meghalaya Integrated Information System (Mii) is a testimony to the commitment of the government to create a strong, alert and vigilant civil society, which will go a long way in creating and enabling environment for an efficient, accountable and responsive government. This is also an effort to better understand the needs of the citizens and to be aware of their responses towards various government initiatives. To achieve this aim, the project establishes a two way communication for dissemination of information on government policies, programs and various welfare schemes, particularly at the grass-root level and provides a mechanism of obtaining regular constructive feedback from the people about these initiatives. Some of the objectives are to keep masses aware about:-

  • Government orders, policies and welfare schemes.
  • Application procedures for obtaining different government services e.g.:- Ration Card, Driving license and various social benefits available from the government.
  • Educational facilities, Quota Seats, scholarships and hostel accommodation in various institutions.
  • Public announcements and Government view on current issues.
  • Creating a positive and conducive environment on social and economical issues.
  • Employment opportunities in different sectors of the economy.
  • Regional information (preferably in local dialects).
  • Information on natural calamities, disasters & their damage control.
  • Election notifications and announcements for various Government bodies.
  • Health, Family welfare and medical facilities e.g. Polio Drop camps etc.
  • Epidemics & disease control e.g.:- Malaria, AIDS and precautions etc.
  • The government subsidies e.g.:- latest subsidized price and location of licensed rationed good shops etc.
  • Weather information on long term bases and its effects.
  • Other Miscellaneous information, etc.