Meghalaya Integrated Information System (Mii)

logoMeghalaya Integrated Information is envisioned to be a citizen-centric system which consist of two sub systems namely "Mass Information Dissemination System" and "Citizen Feedback"

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Citizen Feedback

Grevience PictureThe Government of Meghalaya (GoM) considers it a prime activity of public administration to reach out to the citizens to address their grievances. With a vision to bring in a paradigm shift in the system of public grievances, GoM wishes to develop a mechanism for citizens to register their grievances with the State with the concerned Government department.

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Information Dissemination To Empower You

logoMass Information Dissemination System will facilitate the flow of information in one direction from the Central Control Center to the Citizens. The Control Center has infrastructure to broadcast information in audio, text and video form. Information will be disseminated through loudspeakers and display panels installed in locations across Meghalaya.

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Help Desk For You

logoThe Citizen Help Desk has been created by the Government of Meghalaya to assist citizens in quickly and easily reporting a problem, requesting a service, asking a question or filing a complaint.

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